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Ideas for traffic calming

Physical Design Measures: Speed humps and rumble strips : These can be effective at slowing down traffic without completely blocking it. Narrowing lanes: This can create a "pinch point" that naturally encourages drivers to slow down. Roundabouts: These can be a good option for intersections, especially where there is significant pedestrian or bicycle traffic. Chicanes: These zigzag sections of road can force drivers to slow down and navigate more carefully. Raised crosswalks and pedestrian islands: These can make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street. Shared streets: These streets are designed for both pedestrians and vehicles to coexist at low speeds. Bike lanes and protected bike lanes: These can create a safer and more comfortable environment for cyclists. Planting trees and landscaping: This can help to narrow the perceived width of the road and encourage slower driving. Enforcement and Education Measures: Increased traffic patrols and ticketing for speeding. Publi

Speed bumps

  Speed Humps vs. Bumps: A Road Bumpy Breakdown Ever hit a bump in the road that jolted your car and rattled your teeth? These aren't just annoying obstacles; they're speed humps or bumps, traffic calming devices designed to slow vehicles down. While they may seem like twins separated at birth, humps and bumps have some key differences: Habitat: Humps: Prefer the open streets, often found on low-volume roads and residential areas. Bumps: More at home in confined spaces like parking lots and driveways. Speed Limit: Humps:  Like it slow and steady, typically keeping speeds around 15-20 mph. Bumps: Can handle a bit more pace, slowing cars down to 10-15 mph. Height: Humps:  Rise proudly, reaching heights of 3-4 inches with a gentle, parabolic curve. Bumps: Keep it short and sweet, usually staying under 3 inches and featuring a more abrupt bump. Purpose: Humps: Aim for a smooth slowdown, encouraging drivers to be mindful of their speed for a longer stretch. Bumps: Deliver a sharper