Ideas for traffic calming

Physical Design Measures:

  • Speed humps and rumble strips: These can be effective at slowing down traffic without completely blocking it.
  • Narrowing lanes: This can create a "pinch point" that naturally encourages drivers to slow down.
  • Roundabouts: These can be a good option for intersections, especially where there is significant pedestrian or bicycle traffic.
  • Chicanes: These zigzag sections of road can force drivers to slow down and navigate more carefully.
  • Raised crosswalks and pedestrian islands: These can make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street.
  • Shared streets: These streets are designed for both pedestrians and vehicles to coexist at low speeds.
  • Bike lanes and protected bike lanes: These can create a safer and more comfortable environment for cyclists.
  • Planting trees and landscaping: This can help to narrow the perceived width of the road and encourage slower driving.

Enforcement and Education Measures:

  • Increased traffic patrols and ticketing for speeding.
  • Public awareness campaigns about the importance of following speed limits and traffic safety.
  • School crossing guards and patrols.
  • Driver education programs on traffic calming measures.

Other Measures:

  • Installing traffic calming signs and lights.
  • Creating temporary traffic diversions to discourage cut-through traffic.
  • Implementing traffic light synchronization to improve traffic flow and reduce stop-and-go driving.

It's important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to traffic calming. The most effective approach will depend on the specific context and needs of your community. I encourage you to consult with your local traffic engineer or community organization to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses your specific concerns.

I hope this gives you a good starting point for brainstorming some traffic calming ideas!


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